Q: I want to organize and run my own Cruel 2 B Kind game. Can I?
A: Yes!

Q: Really? Who, exactly, can run a game?
A: Anyone.

Q: Where can I run it?
A: Anywhere in the world there is cell phone coverage.

Q: What do I need to run the game?
A: If you have a cell phone, an email account, and a way to get the world out to people (your blog, Facebook account, flyers, and email list, whatever!), you're set. Just download and follow our simple guidelines to hosting a game. It explains how to pick weapons and organize the game on game day.

Q: Is it hard to organize a game?
A: Almost any can organize a Cruel 2 B Kind event, if they spend an hour learning the game inside out -- and of the don't' mind sending a lot of emails and getting a lot of text messages. The most challenging part of running the game is becoming an expert on the rules, so you can help players on game day if they're confused. You'll also need to learn the scoring system and apply it in real time as players SMS and call you to check in and report their kills. So you'll probably want to spend at least 15 minutes studying the scoring system before game day to make sure you've got it down pat.

Q: What's the minimum and maximum number of players?
A: We think that a fun game requires at least five teams. A team can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more players--that's up to each team to decide. That means you'll need at least five players on five different teams to run a game. There is no maximum number of teams who can play. The biggest game to date had 220 players on 110 registered teams. We'd love for you to try to break that record!

Q: Do I have to notify you that I'm running the game?
A: Nope! But we do hope you'll tell us about it, using the form below, so we can add you to our list of friendly co-conspirators -- and update our map of benevolent assassinations worldwide.

Q: Can I design new weaknesses and weapons?
A: Yes! We hope our set of favorite weapons inspires you, but feel free to go crazy and imagine some new ones.

Q: What else should I know about hosting a Cruel 2 B Kind game?
A: We require that you agree to the following:

  • You will not charge players to participate. The game should be free. Alternately, the game could be used to raise funds for charity.
  • You will include the URL to this website,, and the official game name and credits, Cruel 2 B Kind designed and developed by Jane McGonigal and Ian Bogost, in any online postings or physical material you use to promote your game. And we hope you agree to the following! (But it's not mandatory)
  • You will submit your best digital photos and/or videos of the event to us at, with permission to use them on our website and promotional materials.

Cruel 2 B Kind Old School
Want to run a longer Cruel 2 B Kind game (say, over days or weeks)? Want to follow the more traditional assassins rule set, but use random acts of kindness instead of fake weapons? No problem! You can play Cruel 2 B Kind Old School. It has all the cruelty and kindness as the original C2BK game, but without the technology or the time limits. Just use our database of weapons instead of traditional Assassins weapons, but keep the old school Assassins rules, and you're all set.

Tell Us About Your Game

Have you organized a Cruel 2 B Kind game? We hope you'll tell us about it, so we can add you to our list of friendly co-conspirators -- and update our map of benevolent assassinations worldwide.

To do so, upload images, links, blog posts or anything else to your favorite website (Flickr, Blogger,, etc.). Then tag your content cruel2bkind to connect it to the community of other games.